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The Impact of EHP Technology on Personnel Heating Systems

Have you ever bothered to know the amount of energy you can save by heating yourself instead of heating the entire home space? If your answer is yes, you already know the importance of a personnel heating system in your home. The idea behind the development of personnel heating systems is to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by offering thermal comfort to the occupants in a sufficient way. 

Although we have different personnel heating systems in the market, the EHP-based ones are revolutionary and offer something different from conventional personnel heating systems. 

How EHP Personnel Heating Systems Work

The personnel heating systems developed with EHP technology provide low-energy long-term heating. This is due to the fast response time and heat-trapping feature of EHP. With its design and compact structure, this personnel heating system does not weigh on the body. 

These personnel heating systems with EHP allow users to heat up quickly due to their simple structure and lightweight. It ends the negative effects of cold by working with one button at a time of need. With a weight of only 1.5kg, this EHP personnel heating system provides complete and safe heating for up to 96 hours. With this system, you can heat your body healthily, quickly, and for a long time. Unlike most conventional heating systems, the EHP can function optimally even at -103 oC. 

Another interesting and noteworthy feature of EHP is that it is 100% safe for human use without zero side effects. The technology has obtained its MSDS certificate and has no flammable, allergen, carcinogenic, or pathogen effects on users.

Revolutionary Features of EHP Technology

  • EHP has no Lifetime

EHP-based products will continue to work as long as they are not damaged or emptied. The technology does not need auxiliary materials for work or moving parts, assistants, or inserts. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs when using EHP-based products. 

  • It is Cost-Effective 

Generally, the production cost of EHP products with the same efficiency as conventional ones in the market is lower. For example, EHP technology is designed to decrease the cost of heat pump systems by up to 59.2%, with the same efficiency as conventional heat pump systems. 

  • Destruction of our Carbon Footprint

EHP products can integrate up to 100% renewable energy sources. This greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions by mitigating the high dependence on fossil fuels. EHP-based products are estimated to save a combined 375 million tons of CO2 yearly. 

  • EHP is Scientifically Proven

Both Energies Journal, a leader in the energy sector, and the Ashrae Journal announce that EHP will become the technology of the future. At the time of writing this article, there were over 20 publications about EHP in globally renowned scientific journals. 


There is no doubt that EHP technology has greatly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of personnel heating systems. The impact is revolutionary and has given the personnel heating system an edge over conventional ones. Kindly click here to read more on the application of EHP technology.