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NAPA Token Sale

The next generation of Social Media is finally here. After years of formulating our unique concept and months of development, the day you’ve all been eagerly waiting for has arrived. The NAPA Public Sale!!! We are thrilled to announce the public sale of NAPA, our revolutionary utility token that will re-invent the social media landscape forever. We’re breathing new life into how you share your favorite moments online. The time has finally come for you to take back control of your social media experience and receive true value for your content. The global social media market cap is expected to surge by as much as 19% this year. With the wider crypto market rallying throughout 2023, there’s never been a better time to be positioning yourself for the next cycle. The market is showing resilience and strength, breaking a sustained downtrend throughout 2022. Even Black Swan events, like the de-pegging of a major stablecoin, have been swiftly overcome. The crypto community is unfazed and ready for what comes next. During the public sale, investors will have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our innovative and captivating project. With NAPA, we are taking the crypto industry’s first steps toward creating a more equitable and user-centric social media ecosystem. Here’s how it’s going to work.

Public Sale Details

Beginning on the 20th of March and running for a period of 30 days, NAPA tokens will be available at a set price of $0.05 per token. Only 10,000,000 tokens will be available at this price (5M for public sale/5M for liquidity lock up for 180 days) on a first-come, first-served Basis. To reward public sale buyers, NAPA Society will match every eligible wallet with an additional 100% token bonus of up to if you have purchased on a minimum of 1,000 tokens and a maximum up to 100,000 tokens. Every wallet holding a minimum up to our maximum for bonus tokens will receive a 1-to-1 airdrop of NAPA tokens, vested over the course of 12 months. Following the sale, 5M tokens for liquidity will be added on Sushiswap and locked for 180 days. NAPA Society is the result of years of work from our team of seasoned experts with proven experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our goal is to return power and fair value to the people, instead of allowing tech giants to reap all the rewards. We believe that NAPA Society is a game-changer. We have the potential to reshape the entire social media landscape and benefit millions of users worldwide. By using Web3 technology, we will give users the creative freedom to monetize their social media content and take back control of their data. This is a limited-time opportunity, and we encourage interested investors to act quickly to secure their place within the NAPA Ecosystem. Our team is committed to transparency and security, and we have taken every precaution to ensure that the public sale process is fair and equitable for everyone. Participate in our initial public sale now! Join us in this exhilarating new chapter of the Web 3 era and bring greater transparency and earning potential to creators across the globe. For more information please visit our website, where you can find more detailed information about NAPA Society and our vision for the future. Website Twitter Discord Telegram Email Medium Instagram