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Metauniverse by Lado Okhotnikov: a new level of communication


Lado Okhotnikov introduced the Metauniverse Meta Force, which is an application platform focused primarily on users’ earnings. Why was the Metauniverse format chosen and what additional features does it offer?

The answer to that question would require some clarification.

The Metauniverse or Metaverse is one of the most popular terms used when talking about the future of the digital industry. Lado Okhotnikov says, «Often the Metauniverse is presented as spaces from the films The Matrix or Tron». Put on a futuristic gadget and ended up in the computer world, where everything is possible… Unfortunately (and perhaps, fortunately) to such an ideal digital space is still far away, however, the concept of the Metauniverse is quite feasible at the current level of development.

Metauniverse: What is it?

First, let’s define the terms. So, what is the Metauniverse?

The most common definition is:

Digital multiplayer space with «user presence effect».

However, for example, a multiplayer computer game fits this definition, so additional conditions are required to classify the object as a Metauniverse.

  • There is a continuous flow of time in the Metauniverse, it cannot be paused, it exists without the presence of the user.
  • The Metauniverse interacts with the reality, you can «bring» into the virtual world the real thing. For example, you come with your smartphone. It transforms into its own digital image. With it, you can call a completely real subscriber. It is clear that «virtual» items cannot be carried into reality, but it is also for the best. You never know what you can bring from the digital world.
  • Each user can add something to the Metauniverse – build virtual objects, create content, interact with other users.
  • Talking about the Metauniverse, we mean big spaces and lots of «inhabitants». The scale should correspond to the name.

The ideal Metauniverse implies the actual «transfer» of consciousness into the virtual world. Augmented and virtual reality technologies create a beautiful and very naturalistic three-dimensional picture in the format «First-person», although still far from the user to believe in the reality of what is happening. We need a technological breakthrough that can connect the digital and the physical worlds.

Zuckerberg announced in 2021 a project to create a global Metauniverse. This idea so inspired the creator of Facebook that he even renamed his company to META. It’s supposed to be a space where users interact with each other, work, have fun… with the word doing all that. what they do in the real world.

However, things were far from brilliant.

So far has not managed to cope with the augmented and virtual reality. Space is also tested with variable success.

Zuckerberg’s Team enthusiasm is fading…

Why the Metauniverse can be dangerous

You probably know that global IT corporations closely monitor users. Your profile is built, interests are analyzed, an individual selection of advertising is prepared for you. This amount of information and knowledge about users may envy any special service.

And now imagine – you’re in a corporate Metauniverse. Privacy no longer exists, you’re under 24-hour surveillance. Everything is known about you! Your words, meetings, desires, plans, even thoughts. No dictatorship knew this level of control.

Of course, the corporation will say that it collects information solely for your benefit and will not share it with anyone. Of course, we will trust them.

The simple conclusion is that the Metauniverse with «full immersion» is actually a powerful tool of control. Another thing is that it has not yet been fully implemented, but the work continues and we should expect a progress in foreseeable future.

Lado Okhotnikov talks about Metauniverse dangers

Why the Metauniverse can be dangerous

Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov is an application platform that allows all participants to earn money. It implements the most effective principles of network marketing, allowing to gather teams and solve specific business tasks. Gameplay gives the opportunity to work and at the same time to be entertained. The format of the Metauniverse is chosen based on the principle of expediency. It is not following fashion, but using the most convenient tool today.

The principles of Metauniverse in the Meta Force project are necessary to ensure fast and accurate interaction between participants. You immerse yourself in the digital world of the platform and get instant and visual access to all the tools – a new level of human-computer interface. You can communicate with members of your team, structure processes, communicate with the «outside world».

Inside Meta Force you create and organize your private and business space. Your work changes the Metauniverse, develops it, expands possibilities.

The decentralization of the platform excludes unauthorized collection of personal information. Users interact with the platform and with each other on the basis of a signed smart contract. This approach guarantees complete privacy, you choose the amount of information that you are ready to share with the platform and your team. On the other hand, decentralization ensures the unconditional fulfillment of the obligations of all parties. If you have agreed on a certain distribution of profits, then this profit will be distributed in strict accordance with your agreement. No one, including the developers of the system, will be able to intervene and change the agreements.

«The Metauniverse is our conscious choice. The goal was to bring together complex processes of multilateral interaction, while the project participants may be physically located in different locations around the globe. We just took the most convenient tool.»

Lado Okhotnikov

Today, Meta Force has no analogues, it is the first practical implementation of the Metauniverse concept. It creates new level of business process organization.

The platform operates on the principle of continuous development, made by both developers and users, so the functionality will be constantly improved.