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Meta Finance IDO: Latest & the Biggest Entrant to Yield Bearing Stablecoins

Bangalore, India: Meta Finance, a decentralized protocol governed by $META token holders, offering the highest yield-bearing stablecoin $mUSD, built on GMX, the largest protocol on Arbitrum is scheduled to do its community fair launch IDO before dApp launch later this month. 

$META, the native token of the Meta Protocol, plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem’s operations. As an ERC-20 governance & utility token, META enables users to engage in various core network functionalities, including staking, revenue sharing, yield boosting, governance participation, and earning liquidity mining rewards.

While, as the highest yield-bearing stablecoin on Arbitrum, $mUSD offers investors unprecedented opportunities for growth and earnings. With an average yield of approximately 20% and an innovative mechanism that rewards minters and liquidity providers, mUSD presents a compelling investment prospect.

Meta Finance’s IDO is a completely fair community launch with no investor allocation and no pre-mined tokens.

The Whitelisting Process for $META IDO

To earn 20% more $META tokens, individuals need to participate in the whitelisting process. By completing a few simple tasks.

Whitelisting is currently live and will end on 17th July, 12 PM UTC 

Get whitelisted here now:

When is the IDO?

Meta Finance IDO will take place from July 17th 13 UTC to July 24th July 13 UTC, 2023, allowing participants to acquire META tokens. 

IMP: All whitelisted participants will earn 20% more META tokens. That means, if 10,000 META tokens cost 1 ETH, a whitelisted participant can earn 12,000 META tokens by investing 1 ETH. 

The IDO price follows a linear discovery mechanism, starting at $0.18 per META token. The minimum buy requirement is 0.1 ETH/WETH, with a maximum of 100 ETH/WETH. 

Funds raised will be allocated for liquidity, mUSD minting, marketing, and operations. Participants receive esMETA tokens, convertible to META at a 1:1 ratio. Conversion is available after a 5-day cooldown period of IDO completion.

The dApp is currently under audits by the leading judge Hansfriese of Code4rena and is expected to be launched by July 24th, 2023. He has helped secure 40+ DeFi projects Including Frax Finance and OlympusDAO. 

Users can participate in the Meta IDO, earn rewards by minting $mUSD, or contribute liquidity to earn $META tokens. The protocol’s unique governance structure empowers the community to actively participate in shaping the future of Meta Finance. $META holders contribute to governance and voting while sharing in the protocol’s revenue, fostering ownership and collaboration  within the META DAO community.

META tokens and Tokenomic Breakdown

$META has a maximum token supply of 100,000,000. This finite supply ensures scarcity and creates value for token holders. As the Meta Protocol evolves and gains wider adoption, the utility and demand for $META are expected to grow, further enhancing its significance within the ecosystem.

By whitelisting now, you secure your position to be part of this exciting journey. 

Whitelist now and seize the opportunity to be part of the future of decentralized finance!

For more information on the Meta Protocol, its yield opportunities, and the Liquidity Mining Program, please visit Docs.

Contact Details:

Crystal S

Marketing Lead, Meta Finance 

Email: [email protected]