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Kiraverse and GameStop Collaborate to Bring Back Fan-Favorite Character Buck the Bunny as an Exclusive Playable Character in Kiraverse’s Open Beta

In a move that has thrilled gamers and collectors alike, Kiraverse has introduced GameStop’s Buck the Bunny as an in-game playable character, selling out more than 2,000 exclusive skins released just days ago. And what’s more exciting is this skin is already playable in Kiraverse’s open beta that’s taking place right now for users that own the collectible.

Buck the Bunny was a fan favorite when he first appeared in GameStop decades ago, but he was removed from their roster due to concerns that some commercials or ads got a little too risqué. However, thanks to a collaboration between Kiraverse and GameStop, Buck has returned, much to the delight of fans.

The Buck character was made available exclusively on GameStop’s NFT platform and sold out quickly, as collectors and fans alike snapped up the chance to own a piece of Kiraverse and Gamestop history. The NFT grants only owners the ability to play as the exclusive Buck character, creating a scarcity around Buck in-game.

This collaboration between Kiraverse and GameStop is a clear indication of the growing interest in NFTs and blockchain-based gaming. NFTs are unique digital assets that are secured using blockchain technology, making them scarce and valuable and allowing gamers the ability to now buy, sell, and trade their assets freely as they choose.

For Kiraverse, the collaboration with GameStop represents a significant milestone. It demonstrates the potential of NFTs to add value to games and create new revenue streams for developers. It also shows how collaborations between gaming companies and established brands can help to drive interest in new games and technologies.

The return of Buck the Bunny has been met with excitement from the Kiraverse community, with many players eager to get their hands on the NFT and add Buck to their in-game inventory.

Overall, the collaboration between Kiraverse and GameStop is a win-win for everyone involved. It gives Kiraverse a much-needed boost in visibility and introduces digital ownership of game assets to a wider audience, while offering GameStop customers and collectors a chance to own a unique piece of gaming history. As blockchain-based gaming continues to grow in popularity, we can expect to see more collaborations like this emerge in the future, bringing new innovations and opportunities to the world of gaming.