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Humanitarian Relief Foundation that has attracted worldwide attention

On February 24, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out. In global aid to Ukraine, the crypto community has become an integral part of helping The Victims of Ukraine. On February 26, Ukraine’s official Twitter account posted a cryptocurrency donation request and listed the addresses of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, which accept donations. As of March 2, more than $50 million of cryptocurrencies have been donated to Ukraine. To help ordinary people who suffered from the war in Ukraine, a group of crypto enthusiasts formed the Save Ukraine DAO to help refugees affected by the conflict through the power of the crypto community. Today we have invited Carla, a core member of The Save Ukraine DAO, to let us know the story behind the Save Ukraine DAO.


Welcome to Carla to our interview, how do you position Save Ukraine DAO? Can you explain in one sentence what you do?

Save Ukraine DAO, positioned as the Red Cross Society for cryptocurrencies, is a humanitarian donation project initiated by the Web3 community to help the affected Ukrainian people through the crisis via the power of cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that Save Ukraine DAO is a neutral charitable relief foundation, we only focus on humanitarian relief, all the funds raised come from the people and are used for the people, and will not support any military use. Save Ukraine DAO will only buy food, water, medicine and other essential materials and post-disaster reconstruction, we will not be on any side.

Save Ukraine DAO calls on everyone to focus on global philanthropy, giving attention to those refugees caused by the war, and to support the charitable foundation to save life and help the refugees in the war by providing medical care. And for those who make charitable donations, we will also issue UKR airdrops to their donation addresses, as a reward to kind-hearted people with a potential return to even exceed expectations.

They deserve it!


With the Ukrainian Prime Minister posting the official crypto donation address on Twitter, crypto donations have become a hot topic in recent aid to Ukraine, can Carla introduce the reasons and background of the establishment of the Save Ukraine DAO?

Well, Ukraine’s crypto donation has attracted lots of attention and thousands of discussions on Twitter, which is actually in line with expectations. Ukraine has one of the highest adoption rates of cryptocurrencies in the world, and Ukraine announced the legalization of cryptocurrencies before the conflict with Russia. On February 17, the Ukrainian government’s official website announced that the parliament passed the amendment for virtual asset law by a large number of votes proposed by the president. The act recognizes the legality of virtual assets in Ukraine. Save Ukraine DAO is a self-organized decentralized community that intends to raise money to help the affected Ukrainian people through the power of the crypto community.


 Can you tell us a little bit about what a DAO is and why the Save Ukraine DAO project chose DAO as a form of this project?

The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which leverages both the internet and cryptography, has many advantages that can enable strangers from all over the world to use the pools of resources for common purposes. With DAO, people can now bring resources together and decide what to do with them through the governance processes. The DAO can offer jobs, donate to charities, and many more. Save Ukraine DAO is a self-organized decentralized community where we used the mechanism of DAO to empower crypto philanthropy and established Save Ukraine DAO. Save UKR DAO hopes to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine through the power of cryptocurrencies.

Together with everyone I believe we have the same common question, why donate through Save UKR DAO instead of donating directly to charity, what are the advantages of Save UKR DAO?

Everyone knows that crypto is global and universal, and the DAO makes more global collaboration possible. The DAO is also transparent and decentralized, free and open. Save Ukraine DAO, on the other hand, hopes that while donating to the Ukrainian people, donors will be able to get a certain degree of return. So we designed an economic model and issued UKR tokens, which are one of the ways to get rewarded and motivate people to donate. Of course, the value of UKR is entirely determined by the development of the community, and we don’t know what the ultimate value of UKR will be. Finally, Save Ukraine DAO wants to raise the donation through crypto channels, so that more people can understand about the crypto industry, the web3 encryption community, and expand the influence of the crypto community.


Unlike other donation programs, Save Ukraine DAO has set the incentives program, which can motivate the community. So how are UKR tokens distributed? How do I get a UKR after donation?

Save Ukraine DAO did not have any public and private placements in order to be more transparent in the entire process, and the team did not reserve any token as well. All UKRs will be minted to donors, i.e. the more one donates, the more tokens one to receive. Each donor, in return, receives a certain percentage of the governance token UKR. You can receive 50% of your tokens immediately right after the donation, and you can claim the remaining 50% of your tokens after the donation is over.


What stage is the project at and what is it doing?

It is currently in the donation phase, Save Ukraine DAO will raise donation funds by way of donation. After we have raised the funds, we will give the funds to relevant charities and NGOs such as the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, and publicize the relevant materials to the community.


Do you have any plans for the development of the community? Or rather, the direction of the project.

After the end of the donation phase, that is, after the mission of the fund raising is completed, we will focus on the community motivation of Save Ukraine DAO and invest in the development of the community. we plan for the UKR token to be listed in various decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges, to launch the UKR NFT trading market, and develop the functions and applications of the comprehensive project ecology such as pledge rewards. Of course, we also hope that more people will participate in the community building of Save Ukraine DAO, jointly run this community, and provide us with better advice.


Thanks to Carla’s detailed answers, letting us know more about Save Ukraine DAO’s mission, is there anything you would like to say to us at the end of the interview?

Here is a statement: Save Ukraine DAO has always remained neutral in the local conflict, it does not represent any political position, the project was originally established for humanitarian peace assistance. The funds raised by Save Ukraine DAO will be donated to NGOs such as the Ukrainian Red Cross, as well as to private charities, to support local victims in Ukraine. Cryptocurrency donations are borderless, and as CZ puts it, “That’s where blockchain shines, with global fundraising.” “The Save Ukraine DAO community is committed to helping the Ukrainian people and innocent bystanders in the ongoing conflict and we welcome you to join our community.


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