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Company’s Comprehensive Offerings Provides Customers Access to the Most Crypto Loan Choices to Suit Their Individual Needs

Helio Lending Pty Ltd, a privately held CeFi Aggregator based in Australia and San Francisco, which has built a unique and propriety platform enabling loans secured by certain cryptocurrencies, is pleased to announce the expansion of its cryptocurrency lending platform to now provide customers a safe and secure way to deposit cryptocurrency assets while earning interest on their deposits. In addition the Company has

expanded its network of partners to include more cryptocurrency loan providers as well as yield generating platforms, becoming the first to market CeFi Aggregator.

Mr. John O’Shea Founder and CEO commented, “Helio is pleased to announce that since establishing its US operations, the company has accelerated plans to build out its cryptocurrency lending platform. Helio now has access to over $100,000,000 USD funds for cryptocurrency loans and has further expanded its platform to be become positioned as a leading CeFi Aggregator. Centralized finance, called “CeFi,” allows people to earn interest or get loans on their cryptocurrency by lending or borrowing through a centralized corporation. Recent industry reports indicate that this market is large, and at the very early stages becoming mainstream with significant growth projections to continue over the next few years.”

Ms. Min Kim, Director of Marketing for Helio commented, “Helio is continuing to invest in marketing and branding to establish its identity as the GO-TO provider of choice, offering customers an array of loan and deposit structures with the ability to pick from the best terms and rates available at any given time, as well as a structure that suits each customers individual financial needs. Whether it be a loan to be used for a real estate purchase, expansion of a business or even the purchase of new business, Helio is here to help. The Company’s value add now includes the ability to work with over 9 loan providers at once in order to secure same day quotes on loans with varying LTV, APR, and Terms as well as to help customers negotiate for the best possible terms on their loans. On the yield generation front and cryptocurrency deposits, Helio knows that vendor promotions change every day around what interest rates customers can earn for stable coins, Bitcoin and a variety of others. Helio is able to inform customers about who is offering the best rates on a weekly if not daily basis and help negotiate terms on behalf of customers who meet various minimum amount requirements on their deposits.”

“We are excited to onboard the next new batch of loan providers and yield generation platforms in crypto to offer our clients the ultimate choice and selection on their cryptocurrencies. The company is actively working on numerous partnership agreements with some of the biggest cryptocurrency lenders in the US and Asia. What that means for Helio is that customers can come to us and we can shop around deposits or loans for the best possible yield and interest rates at that point in time. Providing customers with a value add not offered by anyone in the market place today,” concluded Mr. O’Shea.

Helio is now seeking leading partners on the loan and yield generation as the Company expands its customer offerings. Cryptocurrency holders are encouraged to reach out to Helio to discuss new options available to earn yield on their cryptocurrency or engage in applying for crypto collateralized loans. The company is also on the search for top companies who may be interested in strategic partnerships, expansion/JV partnerships and/or to be acquired. To start a conversation with Helio, email [email protected].


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About Helio Lending

Founded in 2018 by our Chairman Mr. John O’Shea, Helio Lending is a cryptocurrency lender, with headquarters in Australia. Recognized as the first to market in Australia, Helio Lending was the first independent crypto lending company to actively lend within Australia.

Helio has since evolved and positioned itself as the first CeFi (centralized finance) aggregator worldwide. Helio has a large panel of partners providing access to the best rates and offers for crypto loan providers as well as offering a competitive yield generating platform. Helio Lending provides holders of cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple) with a safe and secure way to access fiat funds at the best rates, without selling any of their cryptocurrency. Helio also allows holders to earn rates on their cryptocurrency.

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