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Giants “Big Profits” When Investing In Blockchain – Benefits And Potential Not To Be Missed When Holding A86 Right Away In Financing Rounds

Keywords Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency today is no longer strange and Blockchain technology is gradually brought and applied in many different fields around the globe. In the investment world, every investor has a need to find a potential Token to Hold and Trade. Choosing the right and standard at the time of investment in the current market is always focused and carefully considered.

So what makes A86 Coin stand out and investors can’t miss the opportunity to hold in the Financing Rounds.

Potential when holding Tokens in Financing Rounds.

In the field of potential Cryptocurrency that is growing widely all over the world, besides investing in big coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, investing in new Blockchain projects is also a great choice, it can bring huge profits and can be the turning point that turns you into a giant “Big Profit” in the world of Blockchain investment.


The Seed Round is open when the Blockchain project is just at the idea-forming stage of Startup programs in general and Coin Projects in particular. With its outstanding price advantage, SeedRound is always hunted by “Shark” investors to buy and hold in large volume.

Private Sale:

Private Sale is a round that will be opened when the project has completed the Whitepaper, implemented branding and has a small interested community. Many Blockchain projects are now starting to raise capital from the Private Sale round. Advantages in the Private Sale round and small and medium investors can contribute capital together to hold Tokens at a good price.


If you are a small investor who cannot hold Tokens at 2 SeedRound and Private Sale, you can rest assured because Pre-Sale is your “golden” opportunity. Pre-sale has an opening period of usually 1 week, or until the amount of tokens raised is sold out. To create demand for convenience and fairness in the Pre-sale round, investors often transact with the Bep 20 network ie buy with Bnb, Busd or Usdt-bep20. And the form of sale is first come first served and usually through a whitelist.

Let’s take a look at the outstanding advantages of holding Token in the first rounds of sale:

– Low starting price: Investors will only lose a much lower amount of capital than the time after the coin increases in price.

– Hold a large amount: When buying Tokens at Seed Round, Private Sale or Presale, investors will hold a large amount of Tokens in hand and reserve waiting for the exchange to sell for profit.

– No pressure: Investors do not need to stress by closely monitoring the market like trading coins.

– Low difficulty:  The form of holding coins only requires investors to learn about coin potential, fundamental analysis of coins.

– Catching the trend: When holding Token at this time, it is equivalent to investors who are leading the trend of the market.

– Profit optimization: For Holders who know how to manage well, they even get more coins if they take  Staking  for rewards, this is also a way to maximize the potential of existing assets of the owners  Investors.

– Market impact: The fact that a series of investors hold the entire coin reserve that the issuer launches makes the scarcity and “hot” of the coin increase, leading to the difference between Supply – Demand , impact on their prices – the obvious is the expected growth.

For example: When you hold 10,000 A86 in Seed Round/Private Sale or Pre-Sale with the starting purchase price of: $0.1 – 1 Token, the total investment value that you have to spend is $1,000, assuming over a period of 6 months from the date of launch the value of 1 Token increases to the milestones reaching the value of 10 or even 100 times, then you will simply be able to achieve:

10,000 A86 * $0.1 = $1,000 (Seed Round/Private Sale or Pre-Sale)

10,000 A86 * $1 = $10,000 (Token value increases 10 times after 6 months)

10,000 A86 * $100 = $100,000 (Token value increases 100 times after 6 months)

A86 Coin – Not only a cryptocurrency investment but also a playground for artistic creation.

Identifying the right Token to invest in many projects that have been and are being released to the market is not easy to make the correct choices, so what does A86 stand out to attract investors? Investors cannot afford to miss this profitable opportunity.

A86 token is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. The A86 strives to empower the worlds of art and fashion with innovative artworks and autonomous fan communities. With blockchain technology, a work of art such as a picture, video, film, etc. can be divided into many pieces. Each puzzle piece, represented by an NFT, contains a unique artistic story. By collecting puzzle pieces, users can complete artwork and redeem finished NFTs for actual works of art. Collaborate with top artists, galleries and auctioneers around the world.

Particularly for the A86 Coin ecosystem, A86 will meet both requirements for a low starting price and specific growth forecasts through features such as: Release of chess game sets, art works – products NFT art is created by libertarian artists with distinct identities and is sold with corresponding value, the art community exchanges and shares values. In particular, the “HUGE” reward policy for investors right after holding in the first rounds.

In addition, to ensure fairness, long-term development trust and reduce market manipulation that occurs due to holding large amounts of tokens. A86 will perform Token Vesting Process, which means we will lock a certain amount of tokens for a certain period of time. It is remarkable in our efforts to develop a diverse ecosystem, when owning A86, our investors can participate in transactions of A86’s sub-projects. Imagine when you will be one of the “Angel” investors of a potential Token project and forecast to explode in the future market, what you need to care about is to make the most of the opportunity to obtain these values.

Co-creation combines financial investment and the art world to create a fair, civilized and creative playing field for Investors – Artists. We firmly believe that A86 will become the new investment trend with maximum profitability in the NFT era.

The valid investor who would love to collaborate, invest, or get involved with the Art Tech 86 project can get in touch with the team at [email protected]

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