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Digiescoin: A Crypto That Stands Together With The Veterans

Digiescoin: A Crypto That Stands Together With The Veterans

Cryptocurrency has become an empire in the last decade. Anyone and everyone can create their own coins or tokens that serve more purpose than just to exist as digital currencies. They are an asset and hold incredible value towards social causes. One such cryptocurrency is Digiescoin. It is a fully transparent crypto community that focuses on giving back more to veterans. 

Veterans’ situation in the pandemic

The pandemic induced trauma has impacted the veterans too and the most severe ones outbreak as military suicides. When the soldiers return home they have troubles returning to normal civic living and the virus on loose has made it even harder. The suicide rates of veterans have increased considerably in the second half of 2020 according to the Defense Department’s recent quarterly report. The recorded number of deaths by suicide was 156 in the US military from October to December of 2020 and this had services including those in active-duty, National Guard, and Reserve troops. There is a 25% increase in the suicide rates from the previous year at the same time. 

What is Digiescoin?

Digiescoin is a charitable token going by $DIGS. It is a deflationary token built on the Ethereum blockchain and thus is an ERC20. It stands up for the awareness of war veterans and the problems that they face at the forefront. Digiecoin helps in suicide awareness for veterans. It also focuses on the spouses of the veterans who might be in a dark place. For veterans coming home after combat experience, Digiescoin helps them get back to civic normality. Men and women have a platform for their stories to be heard and it is an opportunity for the users to give back to those who has fought night and day for our safety.

Tokenomics of Digiescoin  

The initial supply of Digiescoin is 6 trillion, no more will be created further and the token is deflationary. Every transaction is taxed 10%. 3% of this goes to charity, which is the main focus of this project. 3% goes to the long term token holders as passive income. This brings longevity to the project. For smoother transactions, 3% will go to the liquidity pool. The last 1% is for the burn wallet. 5% of the total supply will reside within the marketing wallet. Another 5% is with the developer wallet. The tokens will be locked at launch and will be released in intervals of 30 days in counts of 30,000,000,000. 

How To Buy Digiescoin?

Digiescoin is listed on Uniswap so users must log into it. Users then have to connect their wallets. Choose the token of exchange and copy the $DIGS token address. Once the transaction is reviewed and confirmed, the $DIGS token is all yours. 

To know more about the charity projects and to get $DIGS, visit:

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