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Create your own Crypto Exchange – Alice Peter

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The best way to get involved in the crypto market is by owning an exchange. This is no big deal when you are backed by the best cryptocurrency exchange developers.Yet,Why does developing an exchange platform make any sense? You’ll discover all that here. Let’s not be greedy, but there is no harm in knowing the facts either.The world’s top ten cryptocurrency exchanges make a minimum of $3 million per day only on fees. On average it sums up to around a billion every year.We survive in an industry that has faced numerous hacks, break downs, downfalls and what not. It is indeed a huge feat if an exchange has managed to top the list.The average trade volume of Binance is $2Billion USD per day. It has emerged to be the most successful exchange platform in the entire industry in a matter of two years. This is quite a short time.Now a piece of even more shocking news. How much do you think Binance charges its customers for trading? 5 or 10 percent? Absolutely no! It charges a trifling amount of 0.10%.In a short span of 6 months, Binance started witnessing a rise in the customer base. In a couple of years, they conquered the crypto world.Now, tell us. Do you still have second thoughts about owning a crypto exchange platform like Binance?We await your visit!To know more about how to create your own crypto exchange ping us at Telegram, Whatsapp or Live Chat

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